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Angel In The Dark
Angel In The Dark

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PostSubject: Temujin   Temujin I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2008 2:28 pm

Writing and recording are the focus for the year. Songs are written, recorded, and then reworked as the track list for what will become the debut album slowly takes shape. From an initial collection of more than 20 songs, a short of list of 15 is recorded and mixed by year's end.

With the songs now ready, the decision is made to go ahead with a self-produced CD release. The 15 tracks are reduced to a final list of 13 and mastering, art work and manufacturing is arranged. "1000 Tears" goes 'live' for mail order in June, and into online stores for download in September. Heavy promotion throughout the second half of the year results in air play in 8 different countries, published interviews in 5 different languages, and a host of strong reviews from magazines and webzines around the world.
The year begins with breakthough news - a contract with US Indie label Renaissance Records is signed. As a result, "1000 Tears" will be released into retail distribution in May throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Preproduction on a first music video clip is underway, and plans are being laid for a US tour in mid to late 2008.

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