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 Heir Of Chalice_Gothic/Simphony/Metal

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Angel In The Dark
Angel In The Dark

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PostSubject: Heir Of Chalice_Gothic/Simphony/Metal   Heir Of Chalice_Gothic/Simphony/Metal I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 6:12 am

I want to introduce you with this band....I love them!!!! They are great!
"- Formed: 2009 in Šibenik, Croatia -
- The band was formed by a bunch of friends in 2007,
guitarist/songwriter Jure, vocalist Lale, bassist Joso,
keyboardist/flute Ivona and drummer Mile. They played under name
Pharaoh for two months and disbanded because of problems.In 2009 Heir
Of Chalice (Chalice=Holy Grail) Band is formed, featuring Jure and
Ivona.Guitarist/songwriter Jure/Raziell and vocalist/flute Ivona .The
name came as a mock against..... who proclaimed that Raziell and his
friends would never amount to anything good in life. As they began work
on their first album guitarist Tom Spaych and bassist Samoel have
joined the band...

Tips:-momently we have no such as called equipment, so we ask you just
to concentrate on the melody and the meaning of songs.After all it's
all that matters to understand
That should be it; For now... "

Heir Of Chalice_Gothic/Simphony/Metal Bn_ea210
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Heir Of Chalice_Gothic/Simphony/Metal
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