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 Appreciation Thread :)

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Appreciation Thread :) Empty
PostSubject: Appreciation Thread :)   Appreciation Thread :) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 12:13 pm

Ok so most the other women have appreciation topics so I think Anette deserves one.

There are millions of reason why I love and admire Anette so I'll try and cut it down.

The thing I admire most about her is she is so strong. She has had to face so much hatred for no reason and so much critism of every song she does or every preformance she makes a mistake on and still she stays so strong despite it all. Also people and press making up some horrible rumors and people critizing every part of her, not just her singing. She is an extemely strong woman.

She always seems happy and bubbly and genuinely happy to meet the fans. She seems really caring.

Her voice is just incredible and she brings so much emotion to every song it blows me away. Her interpretations of songs are just so emotive. My best example of this is Ever Dream. I always saw it as a hopless and desperate song but she brought so much hope into it as well. Thats another thing I love about her she brings hope through her voice.

She is so determined and has proved everyone wrong by being an amazing front woman. After seeing and hearing peoples reactions after their show at Bloodstock I know she proved so many people wrong. They seemed amazed at how well she sings and preforms.

She's made the guys happy and has made them talk about their problems.

She has amazing stage presence and is so fun onstage and chatty to the audience.

She is really confident and doesn't really care what anyone thinks. I think she shows this through her clothes alot. She has the confidence to wear anything she wants.

She is so honest and open in interviews.

I love how much emotion and passion she brings to everything.

I love that she sings from the heart and for herself.

I love that she's always changing her style and that she is so comfortable with herself. I personally love her blonde hair, I think she looks best blonde.

I think I'll stop now.

So say why you love her or what you like about her.

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Appreciation Thread :)
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