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 A thread for wrestling fans

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A thread for wrestling fans Empty
PostSubject: A thread for wrestling fans   A thread for wrestling fans I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 6:07 pm

Who is your favorite wrestler?
Favorite female wrestler?
Least favorites?
Do you have merch?

As you've all probably figured out I'm a huge wrestling fan. I watch Raw, ECW, Smackdown and TNA religiously. I schedule around them. Razz And I don't answer my phone unless it's my mom when I'm watching them.

My favorites are Jeff & Matt Hardy. Despite this ridiculous brother vs. brother storyline that's going. Rolling Eyes I'm also a Triple H, Shawn Michaels fan. And along the lines of TNA; Team 3D, Sting and AJ Styles. Razz

My favorite female wrestler of all time is Chyna - when I was little I loved her. And I still think she was great, I mean she was the only woman ever to compete in a Royal Rumble. I also love Lita and Trish Stratus. Razz The female legends, I guess. More recently I love Taylor Wilde on TNA. And Katie Lea, Maria and Natalya. Twisted Evil

I've been attempting to order from the WWE Shop for awhile. I'm phailing miserably at getting my parents to give me a credit card to use though. I'll be getting the purple HB choker soon, though. Cloud 9

A thread for wrestling fans Litadistruction

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Angel In The Dark
Angel In The Dark

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A thread for wrestling fans Empty
PostSubject: Re: A thread for wrestling fans   A thread for wrestling fans I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2009 6:24 pm

I've been watching for as long as I can remember. I had to stop for like a couple of years due to school but I always somehow knew what was going on. I watch scripted stuff like WWE and TNA. But i love watching the indys, the real deal.

My favorite female westlers are:
Maryse (WWE)
Katie Lea (WWE)
Beth Phoenix (WWE)
Rain (TNA)
Rebecca Knox
Allison Danger
Natayla (WWE)
Molly Holly

I'll write my fav males later.
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A thread for wrestling fans
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