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 That Which Remains

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Angel In The Dark
Angel In The Dark

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PostSubject: That Which Remains   That Which Remains I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 10:49 pm

Just found them thanks to myspace. This it's a
project-band which was born on March 2008, they only have some demo
songs which youy can listening to on their myspace. Reeeally good stuff

Some info from their only blog entry

March 29 2008 - Official Birthday of TWR

Today the gates are opened and a new project is born - That Which Remains.

Cousin, previously bass-player of All About Eve and the Mission,
discovered singer/songwriter Aleah on Myspace through mutual
aquaintance Mark G Thwaite of the Mission. Collaboration between Aleah
and Andy began at the end of 2007, Andy working from his studio in the
UK and Aleah from hers, deep in the forests of Sweden. All possible,
thanks to high-speed internet!

The first demo-songs featured on
Myspace were written by Aleah and then interpreted instrumentally by
Andy - playing and writing both guitar and bass-lines as well as
programming drums and keyboards. The plan is, however, to use a live
drummer when the band hits the studio to record their album.

Gotta check them out!!! alien

That Which Remains Flyer_whitby
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That Which Remains
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