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Quote :
Emilie Autumn (born September 22, 1979) is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and violinist currently living in Chicago who is best known for her wide range of musical styles, especially her usage of theatrics.

On her early album, Enchant, Autumn explores a softer side of music, drawing from a more classical, Celtic sound, which she referred to as "fantasy rock". Later, however, she abandoned her fairy-winged, camouflaged, pink-haired image for a more romantic look, incorporating styles from the Victorian era and bright red and pink hair. Her music changed again for her later album, Opheliac, producing an angrier sound and moving from fantasy rock to an industrial sound, incorporating electronic beats and her trademark instruments, the violin and harpischord, to create a sound that she dubbed "violindustrial" and "Victoriandustrial".

In the past, Autumn was signed to a major label, but as they took more and more control over her work, she left and formed her own record label, Traitor Records. She currently has a distribution deal with Trisol Music Group GmbH and is touring with material from Opheliac and "4 o'Clock". In the past, she has toured with Courtney Love and recorded backup vocals and the violin for Love and Billy Corgan. Autumn also has her own company, WillowTechHouse, which sells clothing and accessories, however it has been closed for some time. WillowTechHouse was also where Emilie's own perfume, Mistress, was sold.

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